About Us

SpartaFundz is a crowdfunding peer 2 peer Bitcoin donation platform launched February 2018. We focus
on the Bitcoin crypto-currency as our currency for payments because of the ease it provides to send and
receiving funds, it’s a solid foundation on the Blockchain and its immense trading power allowing many to
expand Our aim is to bring to the public a system that can truly allow the majority to achieve real

Even though we are not the first company to offer this type of earnings plan, we are confident
that we will be one of the most successful simply because we chose to focus on what the members want,
realistic figures and earning potential.

Spartafundz was conceptualized by LeVere Went as the sister company to his already extremely
successful online cycler program under FlowMoney System. Spartafundz is designed to cater to a
a spectrum of individuals, from the BIG builder who wants to build big and fast for the average builder that
may take a bit longer but looking for something that can still be rewarding and doesn’t require thousands
and thousands of persons before seeing lucrative returns.

Our 2×4 structure and realistic pay-outs have already proven to be a major hit. Add to that a user-friendly
member back-office for easy navigation and tracking, automated API confirmation functions and a very
attractive monthly residual pay-out and you have a winner.

Members of SpartaFundz will be able to advertise through our company web pages to further advance
their personal businesses and projects. To aid our members with this we will be also offering web
development graphic design services to any and all of our membership that may require or request it.

This is just the beginning. We plan to keep adding more content, more revenue streams and more ways
for you to win big with us.

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